Sitecore Entity Service (SSC) Adding Paging

Recently I did a Sitecore User Group talk on Entity Service (video based on the talk available on Master Sitecore). I was asked there how you could extend Entity Service to including paging instead of using the standard GetAll() function.

Using my method of extending Entity Service and its repository pattern, as explained in this blog post. This blog post will explain how to add a new custom paged function for getting all entities.
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Sitecore Entity Service (SSC) Custom Controller Action

Following on from my post on the basics of Entity Service and using the JavaScript API (Entity Service in Sitecore.Service.Client), in this post I will explain how to extend Entity Service Sitecore.Services.Client (SSC) with new controller actions.
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Add Experience Analytics Report To Launch Pad

The launch Pad was introduced in Sitecore 7.1, however in Sitecore 8 the Launch Pad has had a major over haul. The launch pad has become a major focus and one of the central interfaces for Stecore. The Launch Pad can be extended with new SPEAK applications and analytics charts. In this blog post I will walk through adding Experience Analytics reports to the Sitecore 8 Launch Pad. Continue reading

Sitecore Replace Tokens Command

Quite often when developing Sitecore sites, as I’m optimising templates I add additional fields and tokens into the standard values. This means for already created items based on the updated template there are unexpanded $token variables in the content item. The same issue is present if you reset a content item to standard values, the tokens are adding into the content item rather than the calculated value. Continue reading

Entity Service Visual Studio Project Template

Recently I’ve been working with Entity Service in Sitecore.Services.Client in A few projects. I realised I was repeating the same process time and time again to set up the framework of Entity Service. Continue reading