Sitecore SPEAK 2.0 Component vs SPEAK 1.1

With Sitecore 8.1 we get access to a brand new version of SPEAK, the shiny SPEAK 2.0.

In this blog post we will look at creating a new SPEAK component using the 2.0 framework. We will compare the same SPEAK component built against version 1.0 and 2.0 to see the differences the new framework makes to development. Continue reading

Sitecore SPEAK Rich Text Editor

One of the features I think has been missing from Sitecore SPEAK is a Rich Text component. This blog post is a custom Rich Text Editor I have created for Sitecore SPEAK, The underlying Rich Text Editor is provided by Tiny MCE. Continue reading

Sitecore SPEAK List Component, Custom Tile and Knockout Databinding

In this post I will walk through using the Sitecore SPEAK List Component using Knockout databinding and a custom tile to create a custom look and feel of the List component. Continue reading

Add Experience Analytics Report To Launch Pad

The launch Pad was introduced in Sitecore 7.1, however in Sitecore 8 the Launch Pad has had a major over haul. The launch pad has become a major focus and one of the central interfaces for Stecore. The Launch Pad can be extended with new SPEAK applications and analytics charts. In this blog post I will walk through adding Experience Analytics reports to the Sitecore 8 Launch Pad. Continue reading

EntityService Sitecore.Services.Client

Sitecore.Services.Client provides a powerful and flexible method of creating Web API based services within Sitecore. Using the provided interfaces and the repository pattern means that you will be building services in a consistent way, allowing you to build more flexible services and reduce the time to develop and maintain them. Sitecore.Services.Client was introduced first in Sitecore 7.5 and supported also in Sitecore 8. Continue reading